Fallponic Upgrade Kit 2 to 4 13 Gallon

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DIY Kit for upgrading a 2-site, 13gal Fallponic to a 4-site, 13gal Fallponic system.
The 2 new buckets are meant to be added 'behind' your existing 2 buckets and will be connected via the 3 supplied Fallponic pipes. You'll be drilling your own holes for the 3", 3/4" bulkheads, and 1/4" air line. If you're not comfortable doing so be sure to add the applicable drilling fee to your order (2x drilling fee in this case, 1 per bucket). Note that we can't drill the 2 holes necessary to add to your current buckets. Since the lids come assembled, you don't have to worry about drilling the larger hole for the lids that most folks are not comfortable attempting.
The 2-site manifold will be dis-assembled and rebuilt to the 4-site version with the extra supplied 3/4" fittings and tubing. We've included some extra tubing for good measure, re-use your fittings from the old manifold.
An upgraded waterfall pump (400GPH) and air pump (4 outlets) as well as extra air stones and tubing to connect the new components rounds out the kit.

2x 13gal buckets (not drilled, unless drilling fee is added to the order)
1x 2 pack of Fallponic Lids with 8 inch Baskets - assembled
3x Single straight Fallponic pipe glued and ready with 3" Bulkheads
2x 3/4" bulkheads
2x 3/4" tees
1x 10' length of 3/4" tubing
1x AA400 pump
1x Active Aqua Air Pump, 4 Outlets
2x Medium air stones
2x 10' lengths of 1/4" airline tubing