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For Those who dare! This is a DIY parts kit for our 8 plant 13 GALLON (The tall one - 19 inch tall buckets) Fallponic system. It does NOT include any drilled holes or PVC but includes all the other parts. This allows you to customize to your specifications and includes 4 extra feet of 3/4 inch tubing if you need to space them out farther. This is a build at your own risk kit, we are not responsible for any injuries or problems with your drilling etc. We recommend practicing drilling on an extra bucket or piece of cardboard to make sure you have the right size holes and spacing. You should watch our build video for tips and tricks on building this system! Good luck and have fun:) Gary

This Parts Kit Includes:
9 - 13 Gallon Buckets
9 - Plain Bucket lids
8 - 8 Inch Heavy Duty Gropro Net Baskets
18 - 3" Bulkheads
1 - EcoPlus 1056 mag-drive pump
9 - 3/4 Inch Active Aqua Bulkheads
7 - 3/4 inch Tee connector
2 - 3/4 inch elbow fittings
20 feet of 3/4 Inch Active Aqua Vinyl Tubing
1 - 8 Output Active aqua Air Pump
8 - Active Aqua 2x2 Airstones
1 - 100 foot roll of green air tubing
1 - Bottom Draw drainage pump
10 feet of 1/2 inch drain hose
1 - 1" elbow assembly = 1 inch drain + elbow and 1 foot of 1 Inch tubing from out of reservoir to pump  so pump can be placed sideways if needed because it is a big pump and takes up room.
1 - Water Level Kit with blue sight hose and bulkhead w/elbow, and Clip.
3 hose clamps for pump area if needed.

- Use hot water for the soft tubing! This expands the tubing which helps it go on better and also helps it seal better on barbed fittings.
- Lean the hump piece over as much as your tent hole will allow for smoother operation.
- IMPORTANT! When you fill the system, fill it to the bottom of the hump inside and out, then turn on waterfall (this will burp out the air in the hump piece) 
- Then top off to your desired level. It will always have to be above the hump to run properly and during early vegetative growth you will have to fill it up high      so it touches your starter. 
- Dont snap shut the plant root access flaps! They are very hard to reopen!
- If your flaps start to loosen at the joint you can put on a strip of Gorilla tape or electrical tape to strengthen it up.
- Please watch our videos on Fallponics for assembly :) Thanks. And dont forget to tag us! #FALLPONICS - Gary :)

Drill Sizes for DIY Kits:
3" Bulkheads - 3 3/4" Hole Saw
1/2", 3/4", 1" Drains (Bulkheads) - 1 1/4" Hole Saw
Airline - 1/4" Drill Bit

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    I couldn't be happier

    Posted by CryptoRoger on Feb 5th 2023

    If you add up all the pieces in this kit there is no way, or no where you can get such a Fantastic DIY Kit... With ( 8 ) 13gal buckets with open-able lids, heavy duty 3" bulkhead fittings, all the pumps & hoses you'll need, 8" grow baskets, etc... If you could find all the parts of this highest caliber kit elsewhere, not only would you be paying allot of shipping, but you'd likely spend well over 1200 dollars. With this kit you get Free Shipping, and all the best parts you need in one place for 876.49 dollars. Mind Blown from such a Great DIY Kit, buy with Confidence, but more importantly if you're sitting on the fence, Take Action, because then you can be just as impressed as I was when I opened my own kit. -Disabled Desert Storm Veteran, Peace

  • 5
    Amazing product

    Posted by Steve on Nov 4th 2021

    I placed my order and received it in a very timely fashion. I have called and emailed the store with some questions and Gary is always polite and got back to me very quickly. I look forward to doing more business with him.

  • 5
    DIY 8 plant 13 gal fallponic system

    Posted by B.C. on Nov 1st 2021

    Thanks to Gary’s videos it was easy to do. Arrived quickly, everything was very nicely packaged together. It does takes a little effort on the buyers part but allows you to arrange for your space. I will be doing business with PA hydroponics again.

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