DO-IT-YOURSELF 3 Plant 13 Gallon Fallponic System, NO PVC! NOT DRILLED!

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This PA Hydroponics DIY NOT DRILLED, NO PVC 3 plant Waterfall system is designed to fit in a 2x4 Grow Tent with the reservoir outside of the tent and flows back with 3" PVC for clog free growing! It has 3 - 13 gallon plant sites. This is the DIY version of This. We do not use the "Hump" piece due to not being able to fit, instead it IS elevated and goes straight out the vent hole. Water flows from the outside reservoir thru 3/4 inch tubing and pours into top of the grow chambers with an inline 400 Gallon per hour pump, each plant site will get about 100+ gallons of nutrient solution per hour which should keep it stirred up for even PH balancing and mixing. Included in the kit is a 265 GPH bottom draw pump with 10 feet of 1/2 inch tubing used to drain the system and reservoir. Each plant site has an airstone and 10 feet of airline to run to a 4 output air pump that's included. All you need is 20 liter clay rocks nutrients and starter plants and you will be growing in the best system that we have ever built! Please watch our full assembly video on how to put this together and fill and drain it, there is NO printed instructions with this!

This system kit includes:
4 - 13 gallon buckets 
1 - reservoir lid
3 - 8" custom built bucket lids - pre assembled and ziptied.
6 - 3" bulkheads
10 - feet of 3/4 waterfall tubing 
4 - 3/4 bulkheads 
- 400 gallon per hour pump.

- 4 output air pump
4 - 10' pieces of airline
4 - air stones

- water level indicator for reservoir
- 265 gallon per hour system drain pump with 10' 1/2 hose to drain system.
- 3 hose clamps for pump area
1 - 3/4 valve
8 - 3/4 elbows
2 - 3/4 tee
9 - zipties

- Use hot water for the soft tubing! This expands the tubing which helps it go on better and also helps it seal better on barbed fittings as it cools back down.
- On the 3 inch pipes the large rubber washer goes on the outside of the buckets.
- IMPORTANT! When you fill the system, fill it to the bottom of the hump inside and out, then turn on waterfall (this will burp out the air in the hump piece) 
- Your reservoir will run lower than the plants sites, top off the water level till it touches your starter plants roots to get started, later you can let the water level    go down when roots are established. 
- I usually don't use hose clamps on any of our systems and have had minimal problems, some people do add hose clamps to our systems that is up to you. We     included a few incase you need some.
- Don't snap shut the plant root access flaps! They are very hard to reopen!
- If your flaps start to loosen at the joint you can put on a strip of Gorilla tape or electrical tape to strengthen it up.
- Please watch our videos on Fallponics for assembly :) Thanks. And don't forget to tag us! #FALLPONICS - Gary :)

Drill Sizes for DIY Kits:
3" Bulkheads - 3 3/4" Hole Saw
1/2", 3/4", 1" Drains (Bulkheads) - 1 1/4" Hole Saw
Airline - 1/4" Drill Bit


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