Cultured Solutions Clear Line (Quart, Free Shipping)

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Clear Line is formulated to keep drip irrigation lines and emitters clean and free of mineral deposits during cropping cycles. Implementation of Clear Line protects drip irrigation systems, reducing costly repair and replacement of components.
Clear Line may be used in all irrigation and hydroponic applications including: drip irrigation, DWC/RDWC/NFT, and aeroponics. Clear Line can be used with your regular fertilizer program. Or as an irrigation line/system shock.
Clear Line is most effective when used consistently for preventative maintenance.
Super concentrated, 1 quart will treat up to 630 gallons in DWC/RDWC/NFT (about enough for 11-12 weeks for 55 gallons).

For Drip Irrigation:
0.25ml – 1ml / gallon

0.75ml – 1.5ml / gallon

0.5ml – 1ml / gallon

Irrigation Line / System Shock:
7.5ml – 15ml / gal & run through system for 2-4 hours.