Cultured Solutions UC Roots (Quart)

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Cultured Solutions UC Roots is a hydroponic mineral de-scaler that prevents and reduces mineral deposits in hydroponic media and irrigation equipment. UC Roots may be used throughout the growth cycle. UC ROOTS is suitable for all hydroponics applications including Rockwool, NFT, DWC, RDWC, Ebb-N-Flow and substrate-based DTW applications.

Use in any hydroponic growing system.
Use at any stage of growth all the way to harvest.

To remove and prevent mineral deposits in hydroponic applications:

Hydroponic Recirculating System (Such as Fallponic and Stirponic systems):
Add 1-7mL per gallon

Hydroponic Drain To Waste:
Add 3-5mL per gallon

Final Harvest Flush:
Add 5mL per gallon