Bottom-Drain 3/4" Hookup Parts - Mix and Match

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Since the introduction of the 1/2" Bottom Drain kit, we've gotten enough requests to now introduce a 3/4" version of the same kit. The 1/2" kit just doesn't drain fast enough for some folks and this 3/4" version will allow you to drain up to 660GPH vs the 420GPH maximum of the 1/2" version.
The options will allow you to customize the kit to your system's needs. Since a lot of our customers tend to have extra parts on hand or 'just a few things, but not everything' this select-your-own 3/4" kit will hopefully make the process of upgrading your system to bottom-drain much smoother.

How to order your kit:

1. Determine the number of plant sites you need and select it in the drop down.

2. Select the number of tee fittings your system will require. Keep in mind that 2 plant sites can share 1 tee, but beyond that, each plant site in excess of 2 will require 1 tee per site due to the way they connect into the drainage line. For example: a 2-site system would need just 1 tee. A 4-site system requires 3.

3. Select the number of elbows necessary. Note that if you're using a single-site system, you could select 0 tees, and 1 or 2 elbows to accomplish the task. In general 1 elbow is all that is necessary.

4. Select if you'd like a ball-valve included. This is needed for being able to close-off the drainage system so it will stop draining thru the pump and for maintenance. Very helpful and definitely recommended.

6. Select to include a pump or not. If you already have a Fallponic system (or extra in-line pump already), you can repurpose your existing drainage pump to work with the kit.

7. Finally, select the length of 3/4" tubing you require for your system. 10' should be enough for 4-site systems and anything smaller. 20' should cover a 8-site system. Keep in mind these are just recommendations and your system might differ based on type and configuration. We'd encourage you to take some measurements to get a general idea of what will be necessary for your situation and keep in mind that you may need to pump the water far away to a sink or drain. - Gary







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  • 5
    Just installed

    Posted by Andrew on Jun 9th 2022

    No leaks no hassle easy setup love it

  • 5
    Made it easy for having extra parts that I needed

    Posted by Steve on Jan 20th 2022

    Order came quickly.