Bottom-Drain 1/2" Hookup Parts - Mix and Match

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We're trying something new with this bottom-drain kit.
The options will allow you to customize the kit to your system's needs. Since a lot of our customers tend to have extra parts on hand or 'just a few things, but not everything' this select-your-own 1/2" kit will hopefully make the process of upgrading your system to bottom-drain much smoother.
We're charging a flat-rate fee of $7.95 to cover the shipping and the price will adjust as you modify your selections.

How to order your kit:

1. Determine the number of plant sites you need and select it in the drop down.

2. Select the number of tee fittings your system will require. Keep in mind that 2 plant sites can share 1 tee, but beyond that, each plant site in excess of 2 will require 1 tee per site due to the way they connect into the drainage line. For example: a 2-site system would need just 1 tee. A 4-site system requires 3.

3. Select the number of elbows necessary. Note that if you're using a single-site system, you could select 0 tees, and 1 or 2 elbows to accomplish the task. In general 1 elbow is all that is necessary.

4. Select if you'd like a ball-valve included. This is needed for being able to close-off the drainage system so it will stop draining thru the pump and for maintenance. Very helpful and definitely recommended.

5. Select if you need a 3/4" to 1/2" reducer with a short length of 3/4" tubing attached. This is necessary to convert the 1/2" drainage line over to the 3/4" pump inlet that most pumps have. This will more than likely be necessary unless you happen to already have such an adapter handy or a pump with 1/2 inch input.

6. Select to include a pump or not. If you already have a Fallponic system (or extra in-line pump already), you can repurpose your existing drainage pump to work with the kit.
7/15/2021 Update: After a number of requests, we're now offering a stronger Active Aqua 400 series pump to speed drainage time.

7. Finally, select the length of 1/2" tubing you require for your system. 10' should be enough for 4-site systems and anything smaller. 20' should cover a 8-site system. Keep in mind these are just recommendations and your system might differ based on type and configuration. We'd encourage you to take some measurements to get a general idea of what will be necessary for your situation and keep in mind that you may need to pump the water far away to a sink or drain. - Gary

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  • 5
    great kit

    Posted by leonard boggs on May 30th 2023

    Complete kit for draining. No leaks

  • 5
    Worked as advertised

    Posted by Tyler on Oct 31st 2022

    Worked exactly as advertised easy to install, no leaks. PA hydroponics has the best pricing, quick shipping and never any issues.

  • 5
    good design, especially the bulkhead drain w/ angle

    Posted by bruce guthrie on Oct 28th 2021

    system requires a way to elevate the buckets. . for my drainage system, i purchased furniture risers for $20/4pcs (from amazon). . i glued them to the corners at the base of each container and attached one to the water pump. . i’ll use another one for my drip system water pump. . the risers are light weight and include removable rubber bottoms. . having them attached allows me to move the system without damaging the plumbing. . by removing the rubber bottoms, i can shift the containers on the concrete floor outside the tent. *** I like this idea, email us a link for these risers if you see this - thanks! - Gary***

  • 5
    Bottom Drain Setup

    Posted by Nathan on Oct 19th 2021

    This is so helpful, I can burn one down while waiting for my drain setup to drain all my buckets/control bucket. Such a time saver. Thanks Again!

  • 5
    Bottom Drain

    Posted by Armando on Sep 22nd 2021

    I added this to my mini bucket system and it makes life easier when I do my weekly water changes. Easy to install and I highly recommend. I drain my water into two big trash cans and water my grass and plants.

  • 5
    Works great for bubble buckets

    Posted by Tom J on Aug 23rd 2021

    This kit is awesome. I went with the 400 pump upon Gary's recommendation though for my single-bucket RootSpa bubble bucket, it's probably overkill. Anyway, I put it all together and tested it out in about 20 mins in total. Works great. I no longer need to lift my plant out of the bucket to do water changes. Great kit! I'll be installing one when I eventually upgrade to a Fallponics system.

  • 3
    Drainage Report

    Posted by Maurice Canon on Jul 5th 2021

    This is a nice combination for drainage and it works very well but could use a upgrade to a 3/4 line and 400gpm pump for a faster response time. *** Note from Gary - we now have an option on this to shose a 400 GPH pump instead of the 250 for those who want it drained faster, the plants can be out of the water for about 30-45 minutes with out a problem. 3/4 tubing would change it to much so that will not be an option at this time.-Gary***

  • 5
    Good drain kit

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 14th 2021

    This bottom drain kit works well and is very convenient. Thanks!

  • 5
    I needed this and didn't even know it

    Posted by Dewayne Jenkins on May 23rd 2021

    Your Youtube videos are a great way to advertise, you've bought yourself a repeat customer.

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