Technaflora B.C. Hydroponics Nutrient Kit (Free Shipping)

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This nutrient kit should be enough for a full growth cycle for systems using ~30 gallons or less. Great for 8 gallon 2-4 site Fallponic system, all Stirponic systems (5 gallon & 3.5 gallon mini), and DWC (excluding some larger Big Bubbler systems). Order 2 kits if you've got a larger system size. It is based on the Technaflora Recipe for Success, using their online calculator, for 30 gallons, deep water hydroponics, and the vegetative through "preharvest" stages. Includes enough nutrients for a 4-week vegetative cycle, 8-week bloom, and a week of final ripening as the schedule outlines.

Kit includes:
1x B.C. Boost 4L
1x B.C. Grow 1L
1x B.C. Bloom 4L
1x Thrive-Alive Red 500ml
1x MagiCal 1L
1x Sugar Daddy 4L
1x Awesome Blossom 500ml

The easy way to grow plants as lush, fruitful, and fragrant as the famous plants that have been coming out of BC for generations. B.C. Hydroponic Nutrients is a power-packed trio that will give you extraordinary floral growth and generous vegetative crops. These base nutrients, B.C. Grow, B.C. Boost, and B.C. Bloom, are complete, professionally formulated, highly concentrated fertilizing agents. Both B.C Grow and B.C Bloom contain a full complement of micronutrients which are bolstered by the added calcium and iron in B.C Boost. Using these products is a proven, time-tested way to achieve results for maximum growth and maximum yield. Not only will your plants thrive, but you will experience much more stable pH levels, and minimal salt build-up

Get rid of the guesswork by following the step-by-step, easy to follow mixing instructions printed on every label. Now it’s easier than ever to grow like the famous BC Growers.