4 Plant Mini 3.5gal Stirponic System

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Gary's original Stirponic design in the mini 3.5 gallon bucket size.
This is a pre-built & drilled kit with minimal assembly required. It is the same as the 5 gallon Stirponic systems featured in our YouTube videos, just with smaller (3.5 gallon) buckets. This system includes 3.5 gallon, black, food-grade buckets with 6" bucket basket lids and one matching reservoir bucket. The whole system is connected with 1" soft tubing, and recirculates with a submersible 75 gallon per hour water pump. Each plant is aerated with its own air stone from the included air pump. This system also includes a special 9” version of our water level indicator kit on the reservoir bucket.

There are lots of tips and tricks in our videos to help assemble this!

We don't recommend growing huge plants in this RDWC system that has 1" circulation lines. Our recommended height for full grown plants no more than 3 feet tall. Bigger plants can clog 1" tubing. If this happens turn off water pump and keep the air pump running.

5x 3.5gal buckets
4x 6" bucket basket lid
1x Plain "Stirponic" lid
10x 1" bulkheads
5x lengths of 1" tubing
1x 4-outlet air pump
4x Medium air stones
4x 10' lengths of 1/4" air line tubing
1x 75 Gallon per hour pump with 1/2 to 3/4 reducer and tubing for RWDC system circulation
1x 9" sight level indicator kit

1x 10' length of 1/2" tubing for system drainage
10x hose clamps
Hydroton for four sites.