4 - 8 Gallon Big Bubbler DWC buckets

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If you would like your lids to come with the 3 small holes drilled for securing the net pot via zip ties please choose the "Yes" option. We will drill them and secure with zip ties.
Otherwise, lids will ship with the standard 8" hole for the net pot and the appropriate number of zip ties to later be installed as you see fit (no zip-tie holes pre-drilled!). 

Our Deep water culture (DWC) Big Bubbler Buckets are home made here and come in 8 Gallon and 13 gallon versions, they come in 1,2,4,and 6 packs and include extra aeration, the 1,2 and 4 plant versions come with 2 medium air stones in each plant site with dedicated air pump outlets to ensure maximum oxygenation of your plants root zones for maximum growth.The 6 plant version comes with a heavy duty commercial pump and a 2x4 inch large airstone in each plant site. The 8 gallon buckets are 13 inches tall and the 13 gallon are 19 inches tall. They also come with a water level indicator tube so you can easily monitor your water levels. We use a hinged lid with a 8 inch heavy duty net basket, the lid has a access flap that you can open to check ph and monitor your nutrient solution. Dont snap shut the flap - they are hard to reopen and you can put a piece of electric tape or gorilla tape on the hinge to help keep it strong if you are accessing it a lot. These are nice for big plants if our 5 gallon DWC buckets are not big enough:) Please watch our water level indicator video to help assemble the water level kit. WE recommend filling the buckets up high so the water level touches your starter plant to get things growing. Leave the air pump running all the time and even when changing out the water so your airstones dont get clogged and last longer. These do NOT come with the clay rocks, a 10 Liter bag of rocks will fill 3 of the net cups with a little left over. - Gary

This kit includes:
4 - 8 Gallon Buckets with airline holes and water level kit holes drilled.
4 - lids with 8 inch net basket installed
1 - Active Aqua Air Pump, 8 Outlets, 12W, 25 L/min
8 - 2x2 inch airstones

1 - 100 foot roll of green floraflex airline
4 - water level indicator kits

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