8 - 5 gallon DWC Buckets Including: Quality Airpump, Airstones, Water Level Indicator Kits, (NO CLAY ROCKS ON 8 PLANT VERSION) Drilled And Ready.

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This is where it all started, our first video - How to build a simple bubble bucket DWC and due to popular demand we sell this now. Be sure to watch our video series on the bubble buckets and beyond for tips and tricks to get you going as this does not come with any instructions!This does need assembly :) This DWC bucket kit also comes in 1 plant, 2 plant, 4 plant and 6 plant versions. (This 8 plant version does NOT come with clay rocks due to shipping) We use better quality parts and even a screw on bulkhead instead of grommets. This is NOT a recirculating DWC system, each individual bucket will have to be taken care of one at a time but it is a great and inexpensive way to try hydroponics.

This kit includes:
8 - 5 Gallon Black Buckets
8 - 6" Hydrofarm Bucket Lid
1 - Active Aqua 8 Output Air Pump
8 - Active Aqua 2x2 Cylinder Airstones
1 - 100 Foot roll Of Airline
8 - Water Level Indicator Kits ( As seen in video )

--- All Drilled And Ready To Assemble 

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