Niagara Special Edition Fallponic - Extended 13 gallon 12 plant Fallponic with 30 inch stalk to stalk spacing (Not for grow tents) (Shipping and Handling included)

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**Please note that pictures show the 8 gallon version of this product.**

Niagara Edition Fallponic: 

This 13 gallon system is custom built for 30 Inch spacing stalk to stalk and is designed for a grow room as pictures show layout. The system is 16 feet 1 inch long by 4 feet 4 inch wide. It has a 2x4 inch air stone per bucket with a quiet and cool running Eco Plus Pro 60 Linear air pump and the waterfall runs at 1347 gallons per hour divided into the 12 plant sites. The water volume is about 90 gallon when full. The front 8 buckets waterfalls on reservoir end are evenly split and then connects to the evenly split back 4 plant sites, there is a valve to slow down back 4 plants if water flow is not even with front 8 plants. This does NOT come with directions, please watch our videos on Fallponics to better understand how this system is assembled and run. 

This system kit includes:
13 - 13 gallon buckets drilled and ready.
1 - reservoir lid
12 - 8" custom built bucket lids - pre assembled
- waterfall tubing mostly assembled (see pics for assembly)
- Heavy duty Inline pump Eco Plus 1267 (1347 Gallon per hour.) 
12 - 3/4 inch bulkheads
1 - 1" Bulkhead for pump connection to reservoir with short 1" tube to connect.

1 -  Linear air pump with 200' of air tubing
12 - 2x4 large cylinder air stones

- custom built 3" pvc return pipes all glued and ready, 2 longest pipes are for ends of system.
1 - 3 inch bulkhead wrench
- water level indicator for reservoir.
22 - hose clamps for lower tubing sections and pump fittings (not needed for upper waterfall fittings)
- OPTIONAL - 396 gallon per hour Bottom drain pump with 20' of 3/4 inch hose to drop into reservoir chamber to drain system.