JK Ultimate Complete 4x4 Gorilla Grow Tent With Fallponic System (FREE SHIPPING)

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This is the whole ultimate tent from our YouTube channel! It comes with everything from the videos except the chiller (You may not need a chiller if your area is temperature controlled) I hesitated on putting this package on the site due to the overall cost but people have been ordering it all separate so here it is to make it easier to order:) Shipping and handling is included and this ships Fedex within the continental US. Please watch our Ultimate Gorilla Grow tent series to help assemble it all and get some pointers on tips and tricks. This ships in plain brown boxes and it is a secure checkout when you pay. We thank you all for your continued support! - Gary and Family

If you would like your lids to come with the 3 small holes drilled for securing the net pot via zip ties please choose the "Yes" option. We will drill them and secure with zip ties.
Otherwise, lids will ship with the standard 8" hole for the net pot and the appropriate number of zip ties to later be installed as you see fit (no zip-tie holes pre-drilled!).

This complete package includes:
- Original Gorilla grow tent 4x4 with extension kit.
- 4x4 High CFM kit
- 4x4 trellis
- HLG 550 R-spec is now the 600 R-spec! - Same price! LED Grow Light with 4 ratchet ropes and Dimmer - great for Veg and Bloom!
- 6 Inch Complete Ventilation Kit With Digital Speed Controller and Carbon Filter and Duct with all Mounting Hardware.
- 2 - Hurricane 6 Inch Clip On Fans.
- 2 Plant Mini 8 Gallon Fallponic System Complete With Clay Rocks with reservoir outside of tent.
- 1 - 1 Outlet Analog Timer

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