Horticulture Lighting Group HLG 150 Patriot (Free Shipping)

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HLG 150 Patriot is a 150W LED lamp and powered with our new custom QB288 board, a LED Module designed by Horticulture Lighting Group. Each board has 272 Full Spectrum LM301H LED, 8 Deep Red 660nm LEDs, and 8 Blue 470nm LEDs. Extended cord allows for remote mounting of the driver.

Top Features:
High efficiency custom QB288 Quantum Board®
Reliable Passive-Cooled Design
Full Spectrum
Ideal for Veg and Bloom
Extended cord for remote driver mounting
Internal dimming
120V Power Cord with Nema 5-15P Plug
1 Year Warranty

Power: 150 Watts
LED: Full Spectrum White, Deep Red, & Blue
Flowering Footprint: 2' x 2'
Veg Footprint: 3' x 3'
Recommended Mounting Height: At least 15” Above Canopy